Love-me workshop

The love-me method is the fruit of several years of dedicated research and personal introspection, drawing on more than a decade of experience, helping people on their path of self-development.

The result is a therapeutic and self-healing method which accelerates the growth of consciousness, by shining a light on the sub-conscious, and thus illuminating the area where all childhood wounds, programs and thought forms exist.

I believe we live a beautiful moment on this Earth that any kind of therapy must be based on humbleness, respect, transparency and love. There is no more any difference between the Teacher and the Student or the Therapist and the Patient. We are all on the same path of finding and spreading the Essence of Unconditional Love!

It is a methodology that does not focus on boosting up the “spiritual ego” of the person, but has as a goal the Reconnection with the Spirit as well the reconnection with our Body and the Openness of the Heart.

One of the reasons I felt almost a need to create this method is because in my self-development process i came across many different therapeutic methods that most of the time they where lacking one important aspect: the balance between sky and earth or spirit and body. The effectiveness Love-me method is attributed to the way it works all aspects of the self: spiritual, psychological, mental and physical!

The Love-me method is taught in almost 2 years period of time where it is divided in 3 modules.  The whole process combines many different tools of introspection, facilitating a deep and permanent transformation by embracing our self, both “negative” and “positive” aspects, in order to be able to accept and love it unconditionally.

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First module: You will get in touch with your inner child, your relationship with your inner man or woman, the balance between earth and sky and you will deepen in the healing of each chakra.

You will also learn to give Love-me reiki to yourself. After the workshop of this module it is recommended to spend 3 months doing specific homework of practice and deep introspection.

Second module: You deepen more in the process of self-development mentioned above adding a little bit more the awakening of the sexuality and the reconnection to the body. You learn to give Love-me reiki to others and also you can start doing it in a more professional way. It is recommended to spend 6 months of specific homework of practice and deep introspection.

Third module: We pass into a different category of self-development that is beyond the chakras and the duality of yin and yang. We enter in a more shamanic process, where we can create changes in our lives without loosing our center and our balance of earth and sky. In this module you learn also how to access past/future lives and also you own Akashic Records.

There is a fourth module “under construction”!

The self-development attainment of the whole process will be:
1. Improving our life by finding what changes we need to make
2. Healing our childhood wounds
3. Boosting and enjoying our sexuality, the source of our vitality!
4. Balancing our inner feminine and masculine side
The homework given after each module work directly with our self-esteem and self-worth and so along helps us define our boundaries (the ability to define internally and externally between what is good for us and what is not). It helps us simply to say “yes” and “No”.

It reinforces our relationship with our inner child, it cuts any unhealthy energetic cords that prevent us blossoming in our full femininity or masculinity, it allows our sacred sexual impulse to embrace our vulnerable heart and it helps us surrender in the Hands of our inner God or Goddess.

The participants that have completed the 3 modules can also participate in my one day workshop “Becoming a Teacher” that gives a basic guidance on how to facilitate a workshop.

The Love-me method is mainly focused on people, who would like to learn how to live their life without losing themselves, without trying to fill up the emptiness inside of them by creating unhealthy attachments, without being afraid to live in their power and love.