Love-me Reiki


LOVE-ME reiki is one of my new projects that focuses on helping people to recover their inner Wisdom and heal themselves. I believe we live a beautiful moment on this Earth that any kind of therapy must be based on humbleness, respect, transparency and love. There is no more any difference between the Teacher and the Student or the Therapist and the Patient. We are all on the same path of finding and spreading the Essence of Unconditional Love!


In this method the therapist connects with his/her divine energy and by placing his/her hands on the etheric or physical body of the patient, passes to it unconditional universal love. The love awakens the specific chakra, that the therapist has his/her hands on and the chakra can “inform” the patient or therapist about its condition and what it needs in order to be healed.


It is a beautiful self-healing process that the therapist can only be a channel that distributes unconditional universal love to the patient and nothing more!


Sometimes chakras are blocked due to the existence of several childhood traumas, due to the inherited programs of the family tree, due to believes and conditioning of society and religions and due to the influence of the unconscious collective.

By passing Unconditional Love to the patient we create the perfect surrounding for the body to relax, open and start a beautiful “self-healing” process!