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After several years of continuous and dedicated work of introspection,  I developed a therapeutic method which aims to accelerate the development of consciousness, throughout the enlightenment of the sub consciousness, where all childhood wounds, programs and thought forms exist.

My different origins in my ancestral lineage and my trips to various countries in the world have offered me the luxury to be able to think without being influenced from only one mentality, only one traditional way of thinking and one culture.

Also my involvement with a range of different artistic, therapeutic and self improvement tools helped me develop a wider consciousness, and many variations in the moment of deepening in an introspection process.

My point of view, that “life is like a cinema, the projector is our self and the screen our reality” always helped me to create the exact transformation inside of me in order to be reflected in my exterior reality.
On this point of view are based all my therapeutical and self-improvement methods.

I named my technique LOVE-ME because in all my continuous research of the spirit, soul and body, my ultimate purpose was always to achieve unconditional love for me and for others. Love-me is a method of self-awareness and therapy, consisting of three branches that I have being developing mostly in this life and I feel quite confident when using them. The three sectors that consist LOVE-ME is the access to the Akashic Records, the therapy of childhood traumas and the balance between yin / yang.

Depending on the case, I use the most suitable path in order to help you heal yourself and bring more consciousness to your shadow.

My goal is to help you more and more each time to find the courage in discovering yourself by overcoming the fear of the Unknown! In order to achieve the above transformation it is absolutely necessary to include in the introspective process all aspects of the self (spiritual, philological and physical) and not only a part of them.

It is a methodology that does not focus on boosting up the “spiritual ego” of the person, but has as a goal the Reconnection with the Spirit and the Openness of the Heart.